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September 1, 2020

Northwest Iowa Care Connections (NWIACC) is a Mental Health and Disability Services Region. This is a government entity under Iowa Code Ch. 28E that covers Clay, Kossuth, Osceola, Palo Alto, Winnebago, and Worth Counties. The Region sets policy and funding priorities for mental health and disability services for children and adults, as required by Iowa law. The mission of NWIACC is to support improved access to behavioral healthcare through local resources for people with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.

I am pleased to announce the plan for the distribution of the $608,166 in funding from the Coronavirus Relief Fund under the CARES Act as part of funds distributed by the Governor of the State of Iowa. In order to distribute congressionally-appropriated CARES Act funds to Iowa’s MH/DS regions to address mental health needs related to the 2020 COVID-19 health emergency, NWIACC is soliciting proposals from individuals, providers, and school districts in the Region. This is a non-competitive process. No match is required by those applying for and receiving funds.

Some examples of what this money could be used for are the purchase of equipment or other items, additional staff expenses, mental health training or telehealth, marketing material for crisis services, mental health outpatient support services for students and families, consultation services, inform families about available mental health and disability support services, and PPE.

Rather than dictate what the money could be used for, the plan is for potential recipients to identify needs that they have, which these funds could address. These dollars must be for COVID-19 related services and must have a mental health or disability services component. They cannot be used for items already in your budget or that are covered by or billable to other funders. The attached documents explain the program.

Grant applications may be submitted at any time. NWIACC will process them as they are received. You will receive 90% of the requested funds up front if the application is approved. The money must be spent by 12/10/2020 to allow NWIACC time to process the expenditures and report to the state.

Applications are encouraged, as we would like to see the funds used in our region. If we are unable to use them, they must be returned to the state or federal government.

If you have questions on this, you can email me at I will respond as soon as I can.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Melissa Loehr, CEO
Northwest Iowa Care Connections