About Northwest Iowa Care Connections

NWIACC provides leadership and management at the local level for designing a regional system of care for Mental Health and Disability Services. The region’s response is based on the expectation that individuals and families may have multi-occurring issues. The system of care approach incorporates an organized quality improvement partnership process to achieve the vision that has created a regional management plan designed to improve health, hope, and successful outcomes for the adults in our region who have mental health disabilities and intellectual/developmental disabilities, and other complex human service needs.

NWIACC uses a framework for system design and a process for getting there, in which all programs and all persons providing care become welcoming, accessible, person/family centered, hopeful, strength-based (recovery-oriented),trauma informed, and multi-occurring capable. As its mission, NWIACC exists to enhance the lives of the people it serves through an array of services to meet the needs of the citizens of Northwest Iowa using evidence based practices wherever possible to provide unparalleled services that achieve life altering outcomes for the people we serve.

The outcome and performance measurement domains include: access to services, life in the community, person-centeredness. health and wellness, quality of life and safety, and family and natural supports. Please find more details on this website in the policy and procedures manual as well as regional financial information in our posted Annual Services and Budget Plan.